alchemy – Jan ’19

Sydney Chapter’s First Cruise Of 2019

The Sydney chapter struggled through 40+ degree celsius heat to have the first cruise of 2019, with a variety of EuDM and JDM cars cutting through amazing switchbacks, and winding roads up the Blue Mountains.

A bunch of OEM+ EuDM cars, along with a JDM Front DC2R, GD Jazz and an LS powered Calais met up at the Marsden Park Bunnings meetup spot, where some of the Central Coast chapter were waiting to say hi. Once everyone had made it, the Sydney crew left and started driving past Richmond, and onto Bells Line of Road.

The crew left small towns away and started climbing up the picturesque mountains, where everyone made their way to Alchemy in the bottom of the mountain, past Katoomba. After a good feed and some photos, everyone made their way back up the mountain and back to Sydney.

Big thanks to everyone that made their way. Stay tuned for future cruises.


After A Hiatus… We’re Back

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“Don’t call it a comeback
I’ve been here for years”

LL Cool J